Company overview

The firm EXCI-MAA was created by several professionals and experts in the field of auditing, accounting, taxation, information system (ERP Implantation), law, etc. proven in Canada, the United States of America, Africa and France.

EXCI-MAA is an international player in auditing, accounting and consulting. Our mission is to support clients with a base in Africa towards financial performance. Indeed, we propose effective solutions, adapted to the needs of the company and responding to the specific context of the African continent.

Thanks to our multi-disciplinary and multicultural team of accountants, financial analysts, tax specialists and organizational specialists from the best international law firms, our service offer is complete and includes real added value for the customer, for a fair budget.

Members are accredited to the Pointe-Noire Court of Appeal, the Order of Chartered Accountants of Canada (Ontario and Quebec), ONECCA of Cameroon, ACCA of London, the Order of Experts – Accounts of Paris, France, Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda and the Order of Chartered Accountants of the United States of America.

Nowadays, our firm counts two (02) certified and certified accountants from various International Professional Orders including:
-The Order of Chartered Accountants of Quebec, Canada;
-The Order of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Canada;
-The Order of Accountants of Ohio, USA;
-The Order of ACCA of Great Britain (ACCA);
-The Order of Chartered Accountants of Cameroon (ONECCA);
-The Order of Chartered Accountants of Paris (Iles de France), France.
-The  Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda (ICPAR)


We offer services that comply with international standards in our various fields of competence, in French, Spanish, English and / or German.
The key to our firm’s success is based on listening, understanding and taking into account the customer’s specific environment.
We work in strict compliance with professional standards. Quality, more than a necessity, is erected in value within our firm.

Excimaa continues to grow everyday thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.

Our mission statement

Mission Statement.

Our mission is to earn your trust through open and clear communication, objective advice, hard work and a genuine concern for your overall financial well-being.

Vision Statement.

We strive to be the financial advice team of choice who provides the highest value by delivering the best solutions and service.

Value Statement.

You can expect sound, personalized advice, a single point of contact for your financial life, and unparalleled service that results in your financial peace of mind.

How we work?

Our sole purpose is to help our clients arrange their financial affairs in an efficient and effective way; to preserve their capital and obtain risk-adjusted returns consistent with their financial objectives; and, most importantly, provide them with financial freedom.

Financial Planning Consultants was established to provide our clients long-term, value-added financial counsel and investment performance with exceptional service.

We believe in taking a holistic approach to financial planning for our clients. We apply the “whole person” concept in evaluating and presenting the financial options available to the individual client.

We believe with responsible decisions, reasonable expectations, and vigilant, attentive counsel each client can achieve their financial life goals. It is to this end and purpose, on behalf of our clients, that Financial Planning Consultants exists.

How can we help you?

Contact us at our office nearest to you or submit your inquiry online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

EXCI-MAA: Another Vision of Management, Audit and Advisory Services by Africa and for Africa!

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